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19 Jan 2020
1if request.method == 'POST':
2    form1 = Form1( request.POST,prefix="form1")
3    form2 = Form2( request.POST,prefix="form2")
5    if form1.is_valid():
6       # save them    
8       # context['form1_message'] = 'Form1 saved'
9    else: 
10       #save them into context
11       context['form1']= form1
13    if form2.is_valid():
14       # save them    
15       # context['form2_message'] = 'Form2 saved'
16    else: 
17       #save them into context
18       context['form2']= form2
20    if form1.is_valid() and  form2.is_valid(): 
21       #that's mean both form is valid and saved successfully 
22       return redirect('page')
23    else:
24        return render('/page', context)
28    form1 = Form1(prefix="form1")
29    form2 = Form2(prefix="form2")
05 May 2017
2def _get_form(request, formcls, prefix):
3    data = request.POST if prefix in request.POST else None
4    return formcls(data, prefix=prefix)
6class MyView(TemplateView):
7    template_name = 'mytemplate.html'
9    def get(self, request, *args, **kwargs):
10        return self.render_to_response({'aform': AForm(prefix='aform_pre'), 'bform': BForm(prefix='bform_pre')})
12    def post(self, request, *args, **kwargs):
13        aform = _get_form(request, AForm, 'aform_pre')
14        bform = _get_form(request, BForm, 'bform_pre')
15        if aform.is_bound and aform.is_valid():
16            # Process aform and render response
17        elif bform.is_bound and bform.is_valid():
18            # Process bform and render response
19        return self.render_to_response({'aform': aform, 'bform': bform})
21# mytemplate.html
22<form action="" method="post">
23    {% csrf_token %}
24    {{ aform.as_p }}
25    <input type="submit" name="{{aform.prefix}}" value="Submit" />
26    {{ bform.as_p }}
27    <input type="submit" name="{{bform.prefix}}" value="Submit" />
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