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08 Nov 2018
1import { mapState } from "vuex";
3computed: {
4    ...mapState(["settings"]),
5    computedProperty: {
6      get() {
7        return this.settings.valueInState;
8      },
9      set(valuePassedThrough) { //the value is passed through the v-model automatically
10        this.$store.dispatch(`storeAction`, valuePassedThrough);
11      }
12    }
15 Apr 2018
1// ...
2computed: {
3  message: {
4    get () {
5      return this.$store.state.obj.message
6    },
7    set (value) {
8      this.$store.commit('updateMessage', value)
9    }
10  }
06 Sep 2016
1<input v-model="message" placeholder="edit me">
2<p>Message is: {{ message }}</p>
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