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11 Apr 2018
1// object: {
2//   title: 'How to do lists in Vue',
3//   author: 'Jane Doe',
4//   publishedAt: '2016-04-10'
5// }
6<div v-for="(value, name, index) in object">
7  {{ index }}. {{ name }}: {{ value }}
13 Jan 2017
1<div v-for="(value, name, index) in object">
2  {{ index }}. {{ name }}: {{ value }}
17 Aug 2018
1<ul id="v-for-object" class="demo">
2  <li v-for="value in object">
3    {{ value }} 
4  </li>
31 Jan 2019
2  <li v-for="(val, index) in arr">
3    <!-- Do something... -->
4  </li>
18 Nov 2017
1new Vue({
2  el: '#v-for-object',
3  data: {
4    object: {
5      title: 'How to do lists in Vue',
6      author: 'Jane Doe',
7      publishedAt: '2016-04-10'
8    }
9  }
21 Jan 2020
1<ul id="v-for-object" class="demo">
2  <li v-for="value in object">
3    {{ value }}
4  </li>
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