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16 Jul 2017
1#include <vector>
2std::vector<std::string> x;
08 Jan 2018
1#include <iostream> 
2#include <vector> 
4using namespace std; 
6int main() 
8    vector<int> g1; 
10    for (int i = 1; i <= 5; i++) 
11        g1.push_back(i); 
13    cout << "Output of begin and end: "; 
14    for (auto i = g1.begin(); i != g1.end(); ++i) 
15        cout << *i << " "; 
17    cout << "\nOutput of cbegin and cend: "; 
18    for (auto i = g1.cbegin(); i != g1.cend(); ++i) 
19        cout << *i << " "; 
21    cout << "\nOutput of rbegin and rend: "; 
22    for (auto ir = g1.rbegin(); ir != g1.rend(); ++ir) 
23        cout << *ir << " "; 
25    cout << "\nOutput of crbegin and crend : "; 
26    for (auto ir = g1.crbegin(); ir != g1.crend(); ++ir) 
27        cout << *ir << " "; 
29    return 0; 
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