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09 Jul 2017
1const MyFunctionnalComponent: React.FC = props => {
2  useEffect(() => {
3    // Using an IIFE
4    (async function anyNameFunction() {
5      await loadContent();
6    })();
7  }, []);  
9  return <div></div>;
27 Aug 2017
1const getUsers = async () => {
2 const users = await axios.get('');
3 setUsers(;
6useEffect(() => {
7 getUsers();
8}, []);
04 Oct 2019
1useEffect(() => {
2  (async function anyNameFunction() {await loadContent();})();
3}, []); 
22 Nov 2016
1function myApp() {
2  const [data, setdata] = useState()
4  useEffect(() => {
5    async function fetchMyAPI() {
6      const response = await fetch('api/data')
7      response = await response.json()
8      setdata(response)
9    }
11    fetchMyAPI()
12  }, [])
30 Aug 2020
1function Example() {
2  const [data, dataSet] = useState<any>(null)
4  useEffect(() => {
5    async function fetchMyAPI() {
6      let response = await fetch('api/data')
7      response = await response.json()
8      dataSet(response)
9    }
11    fetchMyAPI()
12  }, [])
14  return <div>{JSON.stringify(data)}</div>
07 Jan 2017
1 function OutsideUsageExample() {
2  const [data, dataSet] = useState<any>(null)
4  const fetchMyAPI = useCallback(async () => {
5    let response = await fetch('api/data')
6    response = await response.json()
7    dataSet(response)
8  }, [])
10  useEffect(() => {
11    fetchMyAPI()
12  }, [fetchMyAPI])
14  return (
15    <div>
16      <div>data: {JSON.stringify(data)}</div>
17      <div>
18        <button onClick={fetchMyAPI}>manual fetch</button>
19      </div>
20    </div>
21  )
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