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15 Mar 2019
1// this = current execution context (window in browser, global in nodejs)
2console.log(this) // window object
4function foo () {
5 console.log(this); // object calling this function
8foo(); // undefined
10o={ foo }; // 'o' object logged
04 Jun 2020
1var wF = {
2    w : 560,
3    h : function() { return (312 - 42) / (560 / this.w) + 42; }
05 Apr 2018
1var colours = ['red', 'green', 'blue'];
2document.getElementById('element').addEventListener('click', function() {
3    // this is a reference to the element clicked on
5    var that = this;
7    colours.forEach(function() {
8        // this is undefined
9        // that is a reference to the element clicked on
10    });
Juan Pablo
05 May 2020
2"use strict";
3function myFunction() {
5    return this;
27 Nov 2017
1// Im Webbrowser ist das window Objekt das globale Objekt:
2console.log(this === window); // true
4a = 37;
5console.log(window.a); // 37
7this.b = "MDN";
8console.log(window.b);  // "MDN"
9console.log(b);         // "MDN"
12 Mar 2016
1Go to This link :-
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