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27 Jul 2020
11-Statement Coverage: 
2It verifies that each line of source 
3code has been executed and tested
42-Decision Coverage: It ensures that
5every decision in the source code is executed and tested
63-Path Coverage: It ensures that every possible
7route through a given part of the 
8code is executed and tested
09 May 2019
1There are many techniques I use to
2make my test coverage better
3-In my project we track test 
4coverage with xray
5-As a team we first focus on each
6acceptence criteria making
7sure all have been covered
8-Depending on time I have and also
9priority and business demand
10We add negative scenarios
11-When story is done if needed end 
12to end scenarios are added
13Also lastly we do reviews with 
14peer testers and
15at the end we review and present
16as a team. This helps me
17to get best test coverage