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12 Mar 2016
2  src={} 
3  alt="" 
4  style={ isLoggedIn ? { display:'block'} : {display : 'none'} }  
7// or
10  src={} 
11  alt=""
12  style={ { display: isLoggedIn ? 'block' : 'none' } }  
15 Jun 2017
1render () {
2  return (
3    <div className="row">
4      { //Check if message failed
5        (this.state.message === 'failed')
6          ? <div> Something went wrong </div> 
7          : <div> Everything in the world is fine </div> 
8      }
9    </div>
10  );
20 Apr 2016
1render() {
2  const isLoggedIn = this.state.isLoggedIn;
3  return (
4    <div>
5      The user is <b>{isLoggedIn ? 'currently' : 'not'}</b> logged in.    
6	</div>
7  );
26 Jun 2019
1render() {
2  const isLoggedIn = this.state.isLoggedIn;
3  return (
4    <div>
5      The user is <b>{isLoggedIn ? 'currently' : 'not'}</b> logged in.    </div>
6  );
27 Nov 2019
1function Mailbox(props) {
2  const unreadMessages = props.unreadMessages;
3  return (
4    <div>
5      <h1>Hello!</h1>
6      {unreadMessages.length > 0 &&
7        <h2>
8          You have {unreadMessages.length} unread messages.
9        </h2>
10      }
11    </div>
12  );
17 Jul 2020
1Condition ? Block_For_True : Block_For_False
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