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01 Apr 2018
2  <thead>
3    <tr>
4      <th>header1</th>
5      <th>header2</th>
6      <th>header3</th>
7    </tr>
8   </thead>
9   <tbody>
10     <tr>
11       <td>text1.1</td>
12       <td>text1.2</td>
13       <td>text1.3</td>
14     </tr>
15     <tr>
16       <td>text2.1</td>
17       <td>text2.2</td>
18       <td>text2.3</td>
19     </tr>
20     <tr>
21       <td>text3.1</td>
22       <td>text3.2</td>
23       <td>text3.3</td>
24     </tr>
25     <tr>
26     </tr>
27  </tbody>
04 Sep 2016
1<table style="width:100%">
2  <tr>
3    <th>Firstname</th>
4    <th>Lastname</th>
5    <th>Age</th>
6  </tr>
7  <tr>
8    <td>Jill</td>
9    <td>Smith</td>
10    <td>50</td>
11  </tr>
12  <tr>
13    <td>Eve</td>
14    <td>Jackson</td>
15    <td>94</td>
16  </tr>
24 Jul 2016
2  <tr> <!-- This is the first row -->
3    <th>This is the heading</th>
4    <th>Next heading to the right</th>
5  </tr>
6  <tr> <!-- This is the second row -->
7    <td>This is where the table data goes</td>
8    <td>This is the second columns data</td>
9  </tr>
16 Jun 2017
1    <table></table>
2    <td></td> <!-- td is a table cell-->
3    <tr></tr> <!-- tr is a table row-->
4    <th></th> <!-- th is the table header -->
5    <thead></thead><tbody></tbody><tfoot></tfoot> <!-- table semantic -->
6    <tr rowspan="2"></tr><!-- Span a row -->
7    <tr colspan="2"></tr><!-- Span a column -->
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