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06 Oct 2017
1if (strlen($str) > 10)
2   $str = substr($str, 0, 7) . '...';
19 May 2020
3echo substr('abcdef'1);     // bcdef
4echo substr('abcdef'13);  // bcd
5echo substr('abcdef'04);  // abcd
6echo substr('abcdef'08);  // abcdef
7echo substr('abcdef', -11); // f
9// Accessing single characters in a string
10// can also be achieved using "square brackets"
11$string = 'abcdef';
12echo $string[0];                 // a
13echo $string[3];                 // d
14echo $string[strlen($string)-1]; // f
18//substr() function returns certain bits of a string 
11 Jun 2018
1$firstStringCharacter = substr("hello", 0, 1);
05 May 2017
1$return_string = substr("Hi i am returning first 10 characters.", 0, 10);
3"Hi i am re"
03 Jul 2018
1const str = 'substr';
3console.log(str.substr(1, 2)); // (1, 2): ub
4console.log(str.substr(1)); // (1): ubstr
6/* Percorrendo de trás para frente */
7console.log(str.substr(-3, 2)); // (-3, 2): st
8console.log(str.substr(-3)); // (-3): str
16 Jun 2019
1str.substr(start[, length])
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