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10 Oct 2020
4struct Student{
5long int rollNo;
6int age;
7char name[50];
8int totalMarks;
11int main(){
13    struct Student s1;
14    //accessing members of the struct
15    s1.rollNo = 1232234643;
16    s1.age = 10;
17    char s[]="Jonathan";
18    strcpy(,s);
19    s1.totalMarks = 450;
21    printf("RollNumber: %d \nName: %s \nTotal Marks: %d",s1.rollNo,,s1.totalMarks);
23return 0;
03 May 2016
1#include <stdio.h>
2#include <stdlib.h>
4struct book{ //this is like making a datatype of type book
5    //these are the fields
6  	char name[50];
7    char author[50];
8    char ISBN[11];
11int main(){
12    struct book book1; //making an instance of book called book1
13    /*
14    normally to store integers in a struct we can do something like
15    book1.number_of_pages = 22; which is correct
16    however with character arrays we need to use the strcpy
17    function
18    */
20    strcpy(, "james and the giant tatti");
21    strcpy(, "Krishan Grewal");
22    strcpy(book1.ISBN, "12345678987");
24    printf("book name: %s\n",;
25  	printf("book author: %s\n",;
26  	printf("book ISBN: %s\n", book1.ISBN);
28return 0;
25 Sep 2018
1typedef struct {
2	char cognome[30];
3	char nome[20];
4	int voto;
14 Jul 2017
1The basic structure
20 Aug 2020
1struct [structure_tag]
3    //member variable 1
4    //member variable 2
5    //member variable 3
6    ...
26 May 2017
1// dichiarazione della struct
2struct libro
4  char titolo[100];
5  char autore[50];
6  int anno_pubblicazione;
7  float prezzo;
10//dichiarazione dell'istanza biblio
11struct libro biblio; 
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