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17 Oct 2020
1# removes outside whitespace/characters
2'  hey  '.strip()     # "hey"
3'  hey  '.lstrip()    # "hey  "
4'  hey  '.rstrip()    # "  hey"
5'_.hey__'.strip('._') # "hey"
25 Apr 2019
1txt = "     banana     "
2x = txt.strip()
3#x will be "banana"
25 Sep 2019
1txt = "  test    "
4#Output: "test"
7#Output: "test    "
10#Output: "  test"
23 Aug 2019
1txt = ",,,,,rrttgg.....banana....rrr"
2x = txt.strip(",.grt")
3#outputs banana
25 Aug 2016
1lol = '     lol   '
3# normal output =      lol   
4lol = '     lol    ' 
6# strip output = lol
7# Cool right
29 May 2020
1string = '  xoxo love xoxo   '
3# Leading and trailing whitespaces are removed
6# All <whitespace>,x,o,e characters in the left
7# and right of string are removed
8print(string.strip(' xoe'))
10# Argument doesn't contain space
11# No characters are removed.
14string = 'android is awesome'
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