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13 Nov 2016
1select [all/distinct] <COL1>, <COL2>, <COL3>
2from <TABLE_NAME>
4[where <CONDITION>]
5[group by <COLUMN_NAME>]
11Specifically for SQL -> Oracle
14[...]   :   optional entries
15<...>   :   your specific entry
17 Aug 2018
1Everything in brackets is optional.
2SELECT [all/distinct] <COL1>, <COL2>, <COL3>
01 Aug 2020
1SELECT ime, prezime
2FROM studenti
3WHERE ime = 'Dejan';
13 Sep 2017
1SELECT orders.order_id, customers.last_name
2FROM orders
3INNER JOIN customers
4ON orders.customer_id = customers.customer_id
5WHERE orders.order_id <> 1
6ORDER BY orders.order_id;
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