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15 Jul 2017
1Used to select data from a database, which is then returned in a results set.
2Example 1: Selects all columns from all users.
3SELECT * FROM users;
4Example 2: Selects the first_name and surname columns
5from all users.xx
6SELECT first_name, surname FROM users;
31 Sep 2017
1select [all/distinct] <COL1>, <COL2>, <COL3>
2from <TABLE_NAME>
4[where <CONDITION>]
5[group by <COLUMN_NAME>]
11Specifically for SQL -> Oracle
14[...]   :   optional entries
15<...>   :   your specific entry
17 May 2018
07 Aug 2020
1SELECT columname FROM tablename
23 Mar 2017
2FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS -- INFORMATION_SCHEMA is an ANSI-standard (American National Standard Institute) set of read-only views which provide information about all of the tables, views, columns, and procedures in a database
3WHERE TABLE_NAME = N'Customers' -- "N" defines the subsequent string (the string after the N) as being in unicode
25 Jan 2018
1Projection = Select the columns in
2a table that are returned by a query
3Selection = Selects the rows in a
4table that are returned by a query
5Join = Brings together data that is 
6stored in different tables by
7specifying the link between them
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