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15 Sep 2016
1# Change window_name to the name of the window object, i.e. root
3# To ensure widgets resize:
4widget_name.pack(fill="both", expand=True)
02 Aug 2020
1# Set min window size
2root = Tk()
3root.minsize(500, 500)
07 Apr 2017
1window = Tk()
2#set window size
07 Mar 2017
1#import statement
2from tkinter import *
3#create GUI Tk() variable
4gui = Tk()
5#set window size
14 Sep 2020
1 window = Tk() 	# or window = TopLevel()
2 # "350x150" == window size (350 pixels wide and 150 pixels high)
3 # "+220+80" == window position (220 pixels from the left screen margin and
4 # 				80 pixels from the top screen margin
5  window.geometry("350x150+220+80")
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