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19 Sep 2020
1const Pug = db.define('pugs', {
2  name: {
3    type: Sequelize.STRING
4    allowNull: false // name MUST have a value
5  },
6  bio: {
7    name: Sequelize.TEXT
8  },
9  age: {
10    type: Sequelize.INTEGER,
11    validate: {
12      min: 0,
13      max: 100
14      // note: many validations need to be defined in the "validate" object
15      // allowNull is so common that it's the exception
16    }
17  },
18  birthday: {
19    type: Sequelize.DATE,
20    defaultValue:
21    // if no birthday is specified when we create the row, it defaults to right now!
22  },
23  colors: {
24    type: Sequelize.ENUM('black', 'fawn')
25  },
26  toys: {
27    type: Sequelize.ARRAY(Sequelize.TEXT)
28  },
29  adoptedStatus: {
30    type: Sequelize.BOOLEAN
31  }
15 Jun 2017
1queryInterface.addColumn('OrderBackups', 'my_column', {
2  type: Sequelize.INTEGER,
3  defaultValue: 0
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