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17 Sep 2019
1Used to select data from a database, which is then returned in a results set.
2Example 1: Selects all columns from all users.
3SELECT * FROM users;
4Example 2: Selects the first_name and surname columns
5from all users.xx
6SELECT first_name, surname FROM users;
17 May 2020
1select [all/distinct] <COL1>, <COL2>, <COL3>
2from <TABLE_NAME>
4[where <CONDITION>]
5[group by <COLUMN_NAME>]
11Specifically for SQL -> Oracle
14[...]   :   optional entries
15<...>   :   your specific entry
01 Jan 2017
2FROM table
3WHERE condition
4GROUP BY expression
5HAVING condition
7ORDER BY expression
8LIMIT count
9OFFSET start
29 Oct 2020
26 Jan 2018
1SELECT ime, prezime
2FROM studenti
3WHERE ime = 'Dejan';
04 Sep 2020
1SELECT naslov, stranice
2FROM knjige
3WHERE stranice<300
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