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Juan Martín
16 Jun 2016
2//here Url is the call word which pass from url
3Route::get('Url',[Controller::class ,'FunctionName']);
4//from this route you can access function of specific 
5//controller thourgh specific url route
6Route::get('Url/{id}',[Controller::class ,'FunctionName']);
7//if you want to pass specific id or any thing thorugh route you 
8//can use it{id} or{name} or {anything} means anything you want to access
23 Jan 2017
1Route::get('user/{id}/profile', function ($id) {
2    //
5$url = route('profile', ['id' => 1, 'photos' => 'yes']);
7// /user/1/profile?photos=yes
07 Feb 2020
1User::select()->whereHas('student', $function($q) {
2        $q->where('name', $value)
3          ->orWhere('age', $value2);
4    });
16 Feb 2019
1Route::view('/welcome', 'welcome');
3Route::view('/welcome', 'welcome', ['name' => 'Taylor']);
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