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30 Nov 2016
1div {
2  width: 80px;
3  height: 80px;
4  background-color: skyblue;
7.tourne {
8  transform: rotate(45deg); /* Équivalent à rotateZ(45deg) */
9  background-color: pink;
30 Feb 2016
1.img {
2transform: rotate(90deg);
09 Mar 2019
2div {
3  width: 80px;
4  height: 80px;
5  background-color: skyblue;
7.rotated {
8  transform: rotate(45deg);
9  background-color: pink;
13/* In body of html doc */
15<div class="rotated">Rotated</div>
25 Apr 2016
1div {
2  width: 80px;
3  height: 80px;
4  background-color: skyblue;
7.rotated {
8  transform: rotate(45deg); /* Equal to rotateZ(45deg) */
9  background-color: pink;
22 Apr 2020
1div {
2  position: absolute;
3  left: 40px;
4  top: 40px;
5  width: 100px;
6  height: 100px;
7  background-color: lightgray;
10.rotate {
11  background-color: transparent;
12  outline: 2px dashed;
13  transform: rotate(45deg);
16.rotate-translate {
17  background-color: pink;
18  transform: rotate(45deg) translateX(180px);
21.translate-rotate {
22  background-color: gold;
23  transform: translateX(180px) rotate(45deg);
22 Mar 2018
1###### Combining rotation with another transformation ######
3**** HTML Code: ****
5<div class="rotate">Rotated</div>
6<div class="rotate-translate">Rotated + Translated</div>
7<div class="translate-rotate">Translated + Rotated</div>
9**** CSS Code: ****
10div {
11  position: absolute;
12  left: 40px;
13  top: 40px;
14  width: 100px;
15  height: 100px;
16  background-color: lightgray;
19.rotate {
20  background-color: transparent;
21  outline: 2px dashed;
22  transform: rotate(45deg);
25.rotate-translate {
26  background-color: pink;
27  transform: rotate(45deg) translateX(180px);
30.translate-rotate {
31  background-color: gold;
32  transform: translateX(180px) rotate(45deg);
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