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26 Aug 2017
1// Function to reverse Number
2function reverseNum(n) {
3  let r = n.toString().split('').reverse().join('');
4  return Math.sign(n) * parseInt(r);
7// Call
11// Outputs
13 Jan 2020
1function reverseInt(n) {
2  let reversed = n.toString().split("").reverse().join("");
3  //from string to integer
4  reversed = parseInt(reversed);
6  if (n < 0) {
7    return reversed * -1;
8  }
10  return reversed;
27 Jan 2018
1function reverse_a_number(n)
3	n = n + "";
4	return n.split("").reverse().join("");
19 Jan 2017
1function reverseInt(n) {
2  const reversed = n.toString().split("").reverse().join(""); 
4  return parseInt(reversed) * Math.sign(n);
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