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13 Aug 2017
2function showName() {
3  var result;
4  result = addString('Hello', ' World');
5  document.write (result );
8// in below we will check how to return string from function
9function addString(fName, lName) {
10  var val;
11  val = fName + lName;
12  return val;  // returning string from function
15<input type = "button" onclick = "showName()" value = "Result">
18I hope it will help you.
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26 Nov 2016
1function add(a, b) {
2  return a + b; //Return stops the execution of this function
5var sum = add(5, 24); //The value that was returned got but inside the variable sum
18 May 2018
1Function.prototype.method = function (name, func) {
2  this.prototype[name] = func;
3  return this;
01 Sep 2016
1// --- The following return statements all break the function execution: ---
4return true;
5return false;
6return x;
7return x + y / 3;
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