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17 Mar 2016
1import React, { PureComponent } from "react"
2import { Document, Page } from "react-pdf/build/entry.webpack"
3import throttle from "lodash.throttle"
4import pdf from "./pdf.pdf"
6class App extends PureComponent {
7  constructor(props) {
8    super(props)
9    this.state = {width: null}
10    this.throttledSetDivSize = throttle(this.setDivSize, 500)
11  }
13  componentDidMount () {
14    this.setDivSize()
15    window.addEventListener("resize", this.throttledSetDivSize)
16  }
18  componentWillUnmount () {
19    window.removeEventListener("resize", this.throttledSetDivSize)
20  }
22  setDivSize = () => {
23    this.setState({width: this.pdfWrapper.getBoundingClientRect().width})
24  }
26  render() {
27    return (
28      <div id="row" style={{height: "100vh", width: "100vw", display: "flex", overflow: "hidden"}}>
29        <div id="placeholderWrapper" style={{width: "10vw", height: "100vh"}}/>
30        <div id="pdfWrapper" style={{width: "90vw"}} ref={(ref) => this.pdfWrapper = ref}>
31          <PdfComponent wrapperDivSize={this.state.width} />
32        </div>
33      </div>
34    )
35  }
38class PdfComponent extends PureComponent {
39  render() {
40    return (
41      <div>
42        <Document
43          file={pdf}
44        >
45          <Page pageIndex={1} width={this.props.wrapperDivSize} />
46        </Document>
47      </div>
48    )
49  }
52export default App
15 Feb 2016
1    <Grid centered columns={2}>
2      <Grid.Column textAlign="center" onClick={this.nextPage}>
4        <Document file='/Sample.pdf' onLoadSuccess={this.onDocumentLoadSuccess} noData={<h4>Please select a file</h4>}>
5          <Page pageNumber={pageNumber} >
7          </Page>
8        </Document>
9        {this.state.file ? <p>Page {pageNumber} of {numPages}</p> : null}
10      </Grid.Column>
11    </Grid>
12  </Container>
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