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05 Oct 2016
1  const [isFocused, setIsFocued] = React.useState(true)
3  const setFocus = React.useCallback(() => {
4    setIsFocued(true)
5  }, [])
7  const setBlur = React.useCallback(() => {
8    setIsFocued(false)
9  }, [])
11  const navi = useNavigation()
13  React.useEffect(() => {
14    navi.addListener('focus', setFocus)
15    navi.addListener('blur', setBlur)
16    return () => {
17      navi.removeListener('focus', setFocus)
18      navi.removeListener('blur', setBlur)
19    }
20  }, [])
22  return (
23    <View>
24        {focused && <TextInput autoFocus />}
25    </View>
26  )
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