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06 Apr 2019
1import queue
3def task(name, work_queue):
4    if work_queue.empty():
5        print(f"Task {name} nothing to do")
6    else:
7        while not work_queue.empty():
8            count = work_queue.get()
9            total = 0
10            print(f"Task {name} running")
11            for x in range(count):
12                total += 1
13            print(f"Task {name} total: {total}")
15def main():
16    """
17    This is the main entry point for the program
18    """
19    # Create the queue of work
20    work_queue = queue.Queue()
22    # Put some work in the queue
23    for work in [15, 10, 5, 2]:
24        work_queue.put(work)
26    # Create some synchronous tasks
27    tasks = [(task, "One", work_queue), (task, "Two", work_queue)]
29    # Run the tasks
30    for t, n, q in tasks:
31        t(n, q)
33if __name__ == "__main__":
34    main()
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