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20 Aug 2017
1# Program to demonstrate conditional operator 
2a, b = 10, 20
3# Copy value of a in min if a < b else copy b 
4min = a if a < b else b 
27 Jun 2018
1a if condition else b
18 Jun 2020
1is_fast = True
2car = "Ferrari" if is_fast else "Sedan"
3# with tuples (avoid):
4car = ("Sedan", "Ferrari")[is_fast]
5# ShortHand ternary
6msg = True or "Some"					# True
7msg = False or "Some"					# 'Some'
8output = None							# -> False
9msg = output or "No data returned" 		# 'No data returned'
31 Feb 2016
1var = [expression1] if [condition] else [expression2]
20 Sep 2017
1a, b = 10, 20
2# Copy value of a in min if a < b else copy b 
3min = a if a < b else b 
02 Sep 2017
1# Ternary expression syntax:
2# value_if_true if condition else value_if_false
4# Example:
5a = True
6b = "yes" if a else "no" # b will be set to "yes"
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