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25 May 2018
1def pick(l: list, index: int) -> int:
2    return l[index]
05 Jan 2019
1from typing import List
3def my_func(l: List[int]):
4    pass
19 May 2019
1# For collections, the name of the type is capitalized, and the
2# name of the type inside the collection is in brackets
3x: List[int] = [1]
4x: Set[int] = {6, 7}
6# For simple built-in types, just use the name of the type
7x: int = 1
8x: float = 1.0
9x: bool = True
10x: str = "test"
11x: bytes = b"test"
17 Jan 2016
1def showPrompt(symbol :str, container :str) -> None:
2    while container.lower() != "exit":
3        container = str(input(symbol))
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