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12 Jun 2018
1//Here i have filmresponse.json() which will return promise so i uses promise.
2//all otherwise it won't be possible to run it 
4let characterResponse = await fetch('')
5let characterResponseJson = await characterResponse.json()
6let films = await Promise.all(
7 filmUrl => {
8    let filmResponse = await fetch(filmUrl)
9    return filmResponse.json()
10  })
07 Feb 2017
1// Function to fetch Github info of a user.
2const fetchGithubInfo = async (url) => {
3  console.log(`Fetching ${url}`)
4  const githubInfo = await axios(url) // API call to get user info from Github.
5  return {
6    name:,
7    bio:,
8    repos:
9  }
12// Iterates all users and returns their Github info.
13const fetchUserInfo = async (names) => {
14  const requests = => {
15    const url = `${name}`
16    return fetchGithubInfo(url) // Async function that fetches the user info.
17     .then((a) => {
18      return a // Returns the user info.
19      })
20  })
21  return Promise.all(requests) // Waiting for all the requests to get resolved.
25fetchUserInfo(['sindresorhus', 'yyx990803', 'gaearon'])
26 .then(a => console.log(JSON.stringify(a)))
31  "name": "Sindre Sorhus",
32  "bio": "Full-Time Open-Sourcerer ·· Maker ·· Into Swift and Node.js ",
33  "repos": 996
34}, {
35  "name": "Evan You",
36  "bio": "Creator of @vuejs, previously @meteor & @google",
37  "repos": 151
38}, {
39  "name": "Dan Abramov",
40  "bio": "Working on @reactjs. Co-author of Redux and Create React App. Building tools for humans.",
41  "repos": 232
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