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27 Nov 2016
2//str_replace("Original Value", "Value to be replaced", "String");
3$result = str_replace("1", "2", "This is number 1");
4// Output: This is number 2
07 Jan 2021
1str_replace ($search, $replace, $subject);
07 Sep 2017
1$new_string = str_replace( $take_out, $put_in, $string);
24 Jun 2017
1$var1 = 'hello_john';
2$var2 = str_replace("_", "-", $var1);
3echo $var2; // hello-john
23 Apr 2020
2$string = str_ireplace("FoX""CAT""the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog");
3echo $string// the quick brown CAT jumps over the lazy dog
07 Nov 2019
2$mystring = "This is my string.";
3echo("This is the string before replacement: ");
6$mynewstring = str_replace(" my ", " ", $mystring, $count);
7echo("Now, this is the string after replacement: ");
10echo("The number of replacements is: ");
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