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04 Sep 2016
2  phone: Yup.string()
3      .required("This field is Required")
4      .matches(
5        /^((\\+[1-9]{1,4}[ \\-]*)|(\\([0-9]{2,3}\\)[ \\-]*)|([0-9]{2,4})[ \\-]*)*?[0-9]{3,4}?[ \\-]*[0-9]{3,4}?$/,
6        "Phone number is not valid"
7      )
15 Jun 2018
1const phoneRegExp = /^((\\+[1-9]{1,4}[ \\-]*)|(\\([0-9]{2,3}\\)[ \\-]*)|([0-9]{2,4})[ \\-]*)*?[0-9]{3,4}?[ \\-]*[0-9]{3,4}?$/
3phoneNumber: Yup.string().matches(phoneRegExp, 'Phone number is not valid')
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