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07 Jan 2017
1pd.merge(df1, df2, left_index=True, right_index=True)
03 Mar 2018
1df_3 = pd.concat([df_1, df_2])
13 Jun 2020
1df.merge(df2, left_on = "doc_id", right_on = "doc_num", how = "left")
17 Sep 2019
1# df1 as main df and use the feild from df2 and map it into df1
05 Mar 2019
1df_merge_col = pd.merge(df_row, df3, on='id')
19 May 2018
1import pandas as pd
2pd.merge(restaurant_ids_dataframe, restaurant_review_frame, on='business_id', how='outer')
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