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03 Feb 2017
1resized_image = cv2.resize(image, (100, 50)) 
08 May 2018
1import cv2
3src = cv2.imread('D:/cv2-resize-image-original.png', cv2.IMREAD_UNCHANGED)
5#percent by which the image is resized
6scale_percent = 50
8#calculate the 50 percent of original dimensions
9width = int(src.shape[1] * scale_percent / 100)
10height = int(src.shape[0] * scale_percent / 100)
12# dsize
13dsize = (width, height)
15# resize image
16output = cv2.resize(src, dsize)
21 Jun 2016
1im = cv2.resize(im, None, fx=1/3, fy=1/3, interpolation=cv2.INTER_AREA)
26 Aug 2018
1cv2.resize(src, dsize[, dst[, fx[, fy[, interpolation]]]])
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