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05 May 2020
1Hi, I think all of the above might work. In case what you need is simple, I used:
4    <div class="radio-buttons-choice" id="container-3-radio-buttons-choice">
5        <input type="radio" name="one" id="one-variable-equations" onclick="checkRadio(name)"><label>Only one</label><br>
6        <input type="radio" name="multiple" id="multiple-variable-equations" onclick="checkRadio(name)"><label>I have multiple</label>
7    </div>
10function checkRadio(name) {
11    if(name == "one"){
12    console.log("Choice: ", name);
13        document.getElementById("one-variable-equations").checked = true;
14        document.getElementById("multiple-variable-equations").checked = false;
16    } else if (name == "multiple"){
17        console.log("Choice: ", name);
18        document.getElementById("multiple-variable-equations").checked = true;
19        document.getElementById("one-variable-equations").checked = false;
20    }
05 Jun 2019
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