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11 Jan 2020
1//Put an object in a observable
2let myObj = {name: "Maria", age: 23};
3this.myObs$ = of(myObj);
05 Apr 2020
2        content_copy
4      // Create an Observable that will start listening to geolocation updates
5// when a consumer subscribes.
6const locations = new Observable((observer) => {
7  let watchId: number;
9  // Simple geolocation API check provides values to publish
10  if ('geolocation' in navigator) {
11    watchId = navigator.geolocation.watchPosition((position: Position) => {
12      observer.next(position);
13    }, (error: PositionError) => {
14      observer.error(error);
15    });
16  } else {
17    observer.error('Geolocation not available');
18  }
20  // When the consumer unsubscribes, clean up data ready for next subscription.
21  return {
22    unsubscribe() {
23      navigator.geolocation.clearWatch(watchId);
24    }
25  };
28// Call subscribe() to start listening for updates.
29const locationsSubscription = locations.subscribe({
30  next(position) {
31    console.log('Current Position: ', position);
32  },
33  error(msg) {
34    console.log('Error Getting Location: ', msg);
35  }
38// Stop listening for location after 10 seconds
39setTimeout(() => {
40  locationsSubscription.unsubscribe();
41}, 10000);
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