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27 Jan 2017
1npm install redux react-redux --save
12 Nov 2020
1npm install redux
11 Jun 2020
1# NPM
2npm install redux
4# Yarn
5yarn add redux
10 Mar 2017
1yarn add redux react-redux --save
07 Jan 2021
1import { createStore } from 'redux'
4 * This is a reducer, a pure function with (state, action) => state signature.
5 * It describes how an action transforms the state into the next state.
6 *
7 * The shape of the state is up to you: it can be a primitive, an array, an object,
8 * or even an Immutable.js data structure. The only important part is that you should
9 * not mutate the state object, but return a new object if the state changes.
10 *
11 * In this example, we use a `switch` statement and strings, but you can use a helper that
12 * follows a different convention (such as function maps) if it makes sense for your
13 * project.
14 */
15function counter(state = 0, action) {
16  switch (action.type) {
17    case 'INCREMENT':
18      return state + 1
19    case 'DECREMENT':
20      return state - 1
21    default:
22      return state
23  }
26// Create a Redux store holding the state of your app.
27// Its API is { subscribe, dispatch, getState }.
28let store = createStore(counter)
30// You can use subscribe() to update the UI in response to state changes.
31// Normally you'd use a view binding library (e.g. React Redux) rather than subscribe() directly.
32// However it can also be handy to persist the current state in the localStorage.
34store.subscribe(() => console.log(store.getState()))
36// The only way to mutate the internal state is to dispatch an action.
37// The actions can be serialized, logged or stored and later replayed.
38store.dispatch({ type: 'INCREMENT' })
39// 1
40store.dispatch({ type: 'INCREMENT' })
41// 2
42store.dispatch({ type: 'DECREMENT' })
43// 1
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