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09 Aug 2016
1li = [1,2,'a','b']
2if 'hello' not in li:
3    print('hello is not in the list')
28 Jun 2018
1x = 10
2if not x:
3    print("True")
5    print("False")
18 Feb 2016
1arr = ['a','b','c','d','e','f']
3if 'g' not in arr:
4    print('g is not in the list')
23 Jan 2019
1result is not None
31 Nov 2017
1# False
2print(not(1 == 1))
4# True
5print(not(1 == 2))
09 Jan 2019
1#The (!) is the not operator in Python, (!=) means not equal to.
2if 2!=10:
3  print("2 isn't equal to 10.")
4elif 2=10:
5  print("2 is equal to 10.")
6#Prints "2 isn't equal to 10." as 2 isn't equal to 10. Is it?
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