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23 Aug 2020
1String message;
2JSONObject json = new JSONObject();
3json.put("name", "student");
5JSONArray array = new JSONArray();
6JSONObject item = new JSONObject();
7item.put("information", "test");
8item.put("id", 3);
9item.put("name", "course1");
12json.put("course", array);
14message = json.toString();
16// message
17// {"course":[{"id":3,"information":"test","name":"course1"}],"name":"student"}
24 Jan 2020
1import org.json.simple.JSONObject;
3class JsonEncodeDemo {
5   public static void main(String[] args) {
6      JSONObject obj = new JSONObject();
8	    inputJSON.put("subscriberName", "subscriber");
9	    inputJSON.put("msisdn","7055389495");
11      System.out.print(obj);
12   }
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