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08 Apr 2020
1<mat-toolbar color="primary">
2  <mat-toolbar-row>
3    <button mat-icon-button>
4      <mat-icon (click)="sidenav.toggle()">menu</mat-icon>
5    </button>
6    <h1>SimpleCRM</h1>
7    <span class="menu-spacer"></span>
8    <div>
9      <a mat-button [routerLink]="'/accounts'"> Accounts </a>
10      <a mat-button [routerLink]="'/create-account'"> Create Account </a>
11      <a mat-button [routerLink]="'/contacts'"> Contacts </a>
12      <a mat-button [routerLink]="'/create-contact'"> Create Contact </a>
13      <a mat-button [routerLink]="'/activities'"> Activities </a>
14      <a mat-button [routerLink]="'/create-activity'"> Create Activity </a>
16    </div>
17  </mat-toolbar-row>
19  <mat-toolbar-row>
20      <span style="font-size: 12px;">SimpleCRM helps you easily manage your contacts</span>
21    </mat-toolbar-row>
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