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06 Jan 2017
1class MyClass {
2  int param1;
3  MyClass(this.param1);
5final obj = MyClass(100);
7class MyClassNamed {			// with named parameters
8  int param1;
9  MyClassNamed({required this.param1});
11final objNamedParam = MyClassNamed(param1: 100);
15 Oct 2016
1class Person {
2  String name;
3  int age;
4  Person({ = '', this.age = 0});
7void main() {
8  Person person1 = Person(name: "Raaj", age: 35);
9  print(person1.age);
28 Apr 2020
1class Customer {
2  String name;
3  int age;
4  String location;
6  // constructor
7  Customer(String name, int age, String location) {
8 = name;
9    this.age = age;
10    this.location = location;
11  }
20 Nov 2019
1class Chipmunk {
2  String name;
3  int fame;
5  Chipmunk.named(, [this.fame]);
7  Chipmunk.famous1() : this.named('Chip', 1000);
8  factory Chipmunk.famous2() {
9    var result = new Chipmunk.named('Chip');
10    result.fame = 1000;
11    return result;
12  }
25 Oct 2017
1void main() {
2  Human jenny = Human(height1 :15);
3    print(jenny.height);
5  Human jerry = Human(height1: 20);
6    print(jerry.height);
9class Human {
10  double height = 0;
12  Human({height1 = 0}) { // constructor = initializes values of properties in the class.
13    this.height = height1;
14  }
20 Jul 2020
1Customer(String name, int age, String location) {
2 = name;
3  this.age = age;
4  this.location = location;
7Customer(, this.age) {
8 = name;
9  this.age = age;
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