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10 May 2020
06 Jul 2017
1SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE UPPER(col_name) LIKE '%SEARCHED%';
2SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE col_name LIKE '%Searched%';  -- Case sensitive
4SYMBOL	DESCRIPTION	(SQL)                       EXAMPLE
5%	    zero or more characters	                bl%      'bl, black, blue, blob'
6_	    a single character	                    h_t      'hot, hat, hit'
7[]	    any single character within brackets	h[oa]t   'hot, hat', but NOT 'hit'
8^	    any character not in the brackets	    h[^oa]t  'hit', but NOT 'hot, hat'
9-	    a range of characters	                [a-b]t   'cat, cbt'
30 Nov 2020
1-- Use BINARY to make LIKE sensitive
2SELECT 'abc' LIKE BINARY 'ABC';		-- 0
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