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23 Jul 2016
2mongodump -d <database_name> -o <directory_backup>
4mongorestore -d <database_name> <directory_backup>
31 Jul 2020
1Mongo Export/dump
2mongodump --out </path> --db <dbName> --host <hostname:portNo> --authenticationDatabase admin --ssl --username <Remote Db User> --password<Remote Db Password>
4mongodump --out ~/Desktop/mongoData/ --db newdata --host  --authenticationDatabase admin --ssl --username abc --password xyz
6Mongo Import/restore
7mongorestore </path> --db <dbName> --host <hostname:portNo> --authenticationDatabase admin --ssl --username <Remote Db User> --password<Remote Db Password>
9mongorestore ~/Desktop/mongobkup/ --host  --authenticationDatabase admin --ssl --username abc --password xyz
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