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01 Sep 2016
1//destructuring array 
2const alphabet = ['a', 'b', 'c', 'b', 'e'];
3const [a, b] = alphabet;
4console.log(a, b);
5//Expected output: a b
25 May 2017
1const book = {
2    title: 'Ego is the Enemy',
3    author: 'Ryan Holiday',
4    publisher: {
5        name: 'Penguin',
6        type: 'private'
7    }
10const {title: bookName =  'Ego', author, name: {publisher: { name }} = book, type: {publisher: { type }} = book } = book;
21 May 2017
1let [a, b] = [9, 5]
2[b, a] = [a, b]
3console.log(a, b);
4//Expected output: 5,9
30 Feb 2016
1Object Destructuring =>
3   The destructuring assignment syntax is a JavaScript expression that makes it
4possible to unpack values from arrays,
5or properties from objects, into distinct variables.
8const user = {
9    id: 42,
10    is_verified: true
13const {id, is_verified} = user;
15console.log(id); // 42
16console.log(is_verified); // true 
21 Sep 2017
1let [greeting = "hi",name = "Sarah"] = ["hello"];
17 Apr 2016
1const hero = {
2  name: 'Batman',
3  realName: 'Bruce Wayne',
4  address: {
5    city: 'Gotham'
6  }
9// Object destructuring:
10const { realName, address: { city } } = hero;
11city; // => 'Gotham'
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