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22 Jul 2019
1A = [16 5 9; 4 2 11; 7 14 9]; % Create matrix
3A(2,3)   % Extract the element in row 2, column 3
4ans = 11
6A(1:2,2:3) % Extract elements in rows 1 and 2, and columns 2 and 3
7ans = 	5	9
8		2	11
18 Jan 2020
1v = [16 5 9 4 2 11 7 14];
2v(3)     % Extract the third element  (ans = 9)
12 Nov 2019
1Indicating indexes between ([]) retrieves corresponding values in Matlab. 
2array_borders=array([1 end])
3As end defines size of the array, retrieve first and last border values of array
5Retrieve only second elements of array, from secon with 2 step iteration 
6increase until end of array.
8Retrieve only first 3 elements of array.
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