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01 May 2016
1# in functions we use Global vs Local variables
2# Global means as the name suggests it's Global (accessed anywhere in file)
4def player_health():
5  # Local variable 
6  # Local variables can't be accessed outside of a function
7  player_health = 78
9# error
13# Global Variables
14player_strength = 2
15def increase_strength():
16	player_strength = 3		# this will give you an error because the player_strength
17    # is defined in the global scope so you can't modify it in a function
19    # if you try to print the global variable in function you can do it
20    print(player_strength)
22# Local
23	# only accessed/edited by the functions only
24# Global
25	# accessed/edited in global level not in functions
26    # only accessed by functions but not editable
28# if you got something by this example please upvote it
21 Jan 2017
1Local variables:
2These variables can be used or exist 
3only inside the function. These variables
4are not used or referred by any other function.
6Global variables:
7These variables are the variables which
8can be accessed throughout the program.
9Global variables cannot be created
10whenever that function is called.
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