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16 Sep 2018
2//Laravel 7 tested
3use App\Models\Eloquent\DriversModel;
4use Illuminate\Database\Seeder;
6class DriversSeeder extends Seeder
8    /**
9     * Run the database seeds.
10     *
11     * @return void
12     */
13    public function run()
14    {
15        if (Schema::hasTable("drivers")) {
16            // Nechta generatsiya qilish kerak bo`lsa belgilanadi default 10 tani tashkil qiladi
17            $count = (int)$this->command->ask('Necha dona Ustun qo`shishim kerak?', 10);
18            for ($i=1; $i < $count; $i++) {
19                DriversModel::query()->updateOrCreate(['id' => $i], [
20                    'car_number' => ''.$i.'A365EA',
21                    'trailer_number' => 'a5s6d4321c2a6',
22                    'technical_passport' => 'asd56a5sa6f5',
23                    'full_name' => 'Akbarali'.$i.'',
24                    'passport' => '{"0": "test'.$i.'.png", "1": "test1'.$i.'.png"}',
25                    'license_limitation' => '6567965',
26                    'license' => '{"0": "test'.$i.'.png", "1": "test1'.$i.'.png"}',
27                    'rate' => '54546'.$i,
28                    'user_id' => '3',
29                ]);
30                $this->command->info("{$i} ustun qo'shildi.");
31            }
32            $this->command->info("Jami {$i} ustun qo'shildi.");
33        }
34    }
30 Jul 2020
1class UsersTableSeeder extends Seeder
3    public function run()
4    {
5        $limit = env('SEEDER_LIMIT', 1);
7        echo $this->limit;
8    }
11//In terminal run:
12SEEDER_LIMIT=10 php artisan db:seed --class=UsersTableSeeder
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