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13 Nov 2018
1php artisan schedule:list
2php artisan schedule:run
04 Jun 2018
1Set the cron to run after every minute:
2* * * * * cd /path-to-your-project && php artisan schedule:run >> /dev/null 2>&1
4Then inisde you kernel.php
5//For every minute
6$schedule->call(function () {
7	Log::info('I ran after every 1 minute');
9//For every five minute
10$schedule->call(function () {
11	Log::info('I ran after every 5 minute');
11 Aug 2018
1$schedule->call(function () {
2            DB::table('users')->whereYear('last_login_at','<',date('Y')-1)->delete();
3        })->daily();
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