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02 Jul 2019
1// get type of variable
3var number = 1
4var string = 'hello world'
5var dict = {a: 1, b: 2, c: 3}
7console.log(typeof number) // number
8console.log(typeof string) // string
9console.log(typeof dict)   // object
16 Jan 2021
1//typeof() will return the type of value in its parameters.
2//some examples of types: undefined, NaN, number, string, object, array
4//example of a practical usage
5if (typeof(value) !== "undefined") {//also, make sure that the type name is a string
6  	//execute code
22 May 2016
1console.log(typeof 93);
2// Output = "number"
4console.log(typeof 'Maximum');
5// Output = 'string'
7console.log(typeof false);
8// Output = "boolean"
10console.log(typeof anUndeclaredVariable);
11// Output = "undefined"
29 Feb 2020
1// Numbers
2typeof 37 === 'number';
3typeof 3.14 === 'number';
4typeof(42) === 'number';
5typeof Math.LN2 === 'number';
6typeof Infinity === 'number';
7typeof NaN === 'number'; // Despite being "Not-A-Number"
8typeof Number('1') === 'number';      // Number tries to parse things into numbers
9typeof Number('shoe') === 'number';   // including values that cannot be type coerced to a number
11typeof 42n === 'bigint';
13// Strings
14typeof '' === 'string';
15typeof 'bla' === 'string';
16typeof `template literal` === 'string';
17typeof '1' === 'string'; // note that a number within a string is still typeof string
18typeof (typeof 1) === 'string'; // typeof always returns a string
19typeof String(1) === 'string'; // String converts anything into a string, safer than toString
21// Booleans
22typeof true === 'boolean';
23typeof false === 'boolean';
24typeof Boolean(1) === 'boolean'; // Boolean() will convert values based on if they're truthy or falsy
25typeof !!(1) === 'boolean'; // two calls of the ! (logical NOT) operator are equivalent to Boolean()
27// Symbols
28typeof Symbol() === 'symbol'
29typeof Symbol('foo') === 'symbol'
30typeof Symbol.iterator === 'symbol'
32// Undefined
33typeof undefined === 'undefined';
34typeof declaredButUndefinedVariable === 'undefined';
35typeof undeclaredVariable === 'undefined';
37// Objects
38typeof {a: 1} === 'object';
40// use Array.isArray or
41// to differentiate regular objects from arrays
42typeof [1, 2, 4] === 'object';
44typeof new Date() === 'object';
45typeof /regex/ === 'object'; // See Regular expressions section for historical results
47// The following are confusing, dangerous, and wasteful. Avoid them.
48typeof new Boolean(true) === 'object';
49typeof new Number(1) === 'object';
50typeof new String('abc') === 'object';
52// Functions
53typeof function() {} === 'function';
54typeof class C {} === 'function';
55typeof Math.sin === 'function';
19 May 2017
1typeof("iAmAString");//This should return 'string'
2//NO camelCase, as it is a JS Keyword
03 Oct 2018
1var miFuncion = new Function("5+2")
2var forma = "redonda"
3var tamano = 1
4var hoy = new Date()
7typeof miFuncion === 'function'
8typeof forma === 'string'
9typeof tamano === 'number'
10typeof hoy === 'object'
11typeof noExiste === 'undefined'
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