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24 Jan 2020
1class CustomError extends Error {
2  constructor(foo = 'bar', ...params) {
3    // Pass remaining arguments (including vendor specific ones) to parent constructor
4    super(...params)
6    // Maintains proper stack trace for where our error was thrown (only available on V8)
7    if (Error.captureStackTrace) {
8      Error.captureStackTrace(this, CustomError)
9    }
11 = 'CustomError'
12    // Custom debugging information
13 = foo
14 = new Date()
15  }
18try {
19  throw new CustomError('baz', 'bazMessage')
20} catch(e) {
21  console.error(    //CustomError
22  console.error(     //baz
23  console.error(e.message) //bazMessage
24  console.error(e.stack)   //stacktrace
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