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13 Feb 2017
1// The usual way of writing function
2const magic = function() {
3  return new Date();
6// Arrow function syntax is used to rewrite the function
7const magic = () => {
8  return new Date();
11const magic = () => new Date();
27 Jul 2020
1const plantNeedsWater = day => day === 'Wednesday' ? true : false;
3//If only 1 Parameter no () needed
4//Single line return is implicit
5//Single line no {} needed
08 Jan 2019
1const power = (base, exponent) => {
2  let result = 1;
3  for (let count = 0; count < exponent; count++) {
4    result *= base;
5  }
6  return result;
9//if the function got only one parameter
11const square1 = (x) => { return x * x; };
12const square2 = x => x * x;
14// empty parameter
16const horn = () => {
17  console.log("Toot");
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