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08 Mar 2017
1let test = document.getElementById("test");
3test.addEventListener("mouseover", function( event ) {
4  alert("mouse over test!")
5  , false);
25 Jul 2016
1$( "td" ).hover(
2  	() => { //hover
3    	$(this).addClass("hover");
4  	}, 
5  	() => { //out
6    	$(this).removeClass("hover");
7  	}
11$( "td" )
12  	.mouseover( () => {
13    	$(this).addClass("hover");
14  	}) 
15  	.mouseout( () => {
16    	$(this).removeClass("hover");
17  	}
21$( "td" )
22  	.mouseenter( () => {
23    	$(this).addClass("hover");
24  	}) 
25  	.mouseleave( () => {
26    	$(this).removeClass("hover");
27  	}
04 Sep 2019
17 Nov 2020
1element.onmouseover = function() {
2  //Hovering
02 Apr 2018
1let test = document.getElementById("test");
3// This handler will be executed only once when the cursor
4// moves over the unordered list
5test.addEventListener("mouseenter", function( event ) {   
6  // highlight the mouseenter target
7 = "purple";
9  // reset the color after a short delay
10  setTimeout(function() {
11 = "";
12  }, 500);
13}, false);
19 Feb 2020
1// You can use jQuery
4  $(this).css("background-color", "yellow");
5  }, function(){
6  $(this).css("background-color", "pink");
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