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29 Nov 2019
1//If body has single statement
2let myFunction = (arg1, arg2, ...argN) => expression
4//for multiple statement
5let myFunction = (arg1, arg2, ...argN) => {
6    statement(s)
9let hello = (arg1,arg2) => "Hello " + arg1 + " Welcome To "+ arg2;
11//Start checking js code on chrome inspect option
16 Feb 2017
1const person = {
2    firstName: 'Viggo',
3    lastName: 'Mortensen',
4    fullName: function () {
5        return `${this.firstName} ${this.lastName}`
6    },
7    shoutName: function () {
8        setTimeout(() => {
9            //keyword 'this' in arrow functions refers to the value of 'this' when the function is created
10            console.log(this);
11            console.log(this.fullName())
12        }, 3000)
13    }
08 Feb 2016
1const welcome = () => {
2	console.log("THIS IS A ARROW FUNCTION")
13 Oct 2016
2var phraseSplitterEs5 = function phraseSplitter(phrase) {
3  return phrase.split(' ');
7const phraseSplitterEs6 = phrase => phrase.split(" ");
9console.log(phraseSplitterEs6("ES6 Awesomeness"));  // ["ES6", "Awesomeness"]
04 Aug 2018
1const greet = (who) => {
2  return `Hello, ${who}!`;
5greet('Eric Cartman'); // => 'Hello, Eric Cartman!'
12 May 2019
1hello = () => {
2	return "Hi All";
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